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We are a group of Turkish women mathematicians who came together to establish stronger connections and support for Turkish women doing math. The necessity of this kind of support group can be seen from the following data taken from the reports of Turkish Council of Higher Education. This data shows the existence of "glass ceiling" for women in math.  For more detailed information about this data please follow this link.

Undergraduate women majoring in math: %60
Women currently registered in a MSc program in Math: %48.5
Women currently registered in a PhD program in Math: %44
Women currently ranked as Assistant Professor in Math: %36.8
Women currently ranked as Associated Professor in Math: %25.9
Women currently ranked as Professor in Math:  %18.8

In order to improve things for both genders, we formed study groups which are organizing summer schools for graduate students. NOTE THAT ALL OUR ACTIVITIES ARE OPEN TO BOTH MEN AND WOMEN. We believe that our workshops, summer schools and seminars will be beneficial to all mathematics community.

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This webpage is prepared as a part of the google group "turkish-women-in-math@.com" and the blog http://turkishwomeninmath.blogspot.com. Join our e-mail list!


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